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Our family-owned and operated chiropractic clinic is located at 600 S. Airport Rd. in Longmont, Colorado. Our sports rehabilitation and chiropractic physicians incorporate Functional Medicine into their one-on-one treatments. The excellence of care provided is why we work with families, the elderly, weekend warriors, and elite athletes. 

4 Things to Expect as a Practice Member

  1. 100% authenticity and respect
  2. World-class care and physicians who will LISTEN to your needs and feedback
  3. At-home exercises to support your treatments
  4. Continued education - whether it's being quizzed on pamphlets in the office or receiving a new book suggestion. 
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"Dr. Ben and Dr. Amber have been great for helping not only my chiropractic needs but also addressing physical therapy and holistic healing. My shoulder was pretty beat up and my neck and spine have always had issues from multiple car accidents over the years. I’ve been feeling great ever since I’ve been seeing them and getting help with a wide range of care and education. Wonderful staff, excellent medical practice, and a unique care-based approach make them by far the best spot on the map! 10/10 would recommend!" - Anthony Yale

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